Gift of Love: Willie and Dixie

It was a fun afternoon of golf with 5 year old Willie and his sister Dixie.  Willie is very outgoing and has a lot of energy.

"I like to go outside," Willie said.

Willie loves to be active and doesn't spend much time in front of the T.V.  He'd rather be outside than watching cartoons.

As for Willie's favorite food, "I like to eat fries, my favorite!"  He also loves hamburgers!

Willie is very smart and usually remembers things from the first time he is told such as names or places.  He's also already decided what he wants to do when he grows up.

"I want to drive an ambulance when I grow up," Willie said.

When it comes to his forever family, willie would like a family that is out and about.

"I want to go places with them," Willie said.

And he has one place in particular in mind.

"To the movies," Willie said.

Willie's older sister Dixie, is very shy and is sometimes is fearful of strangers. She choose not to speak to us but did join us for a little bit of Putt-Putt. Dixie loves story time and enjoys sitting and listening to story books.  She also loves to sing and dance.

The ideal family for this sibling group will have a mother and father who is patient.  Willie and Dixie need parents who can give them guidance, nurturing, and unconditional acceptance.  These children long to be in a family who will give them affection and most importantly show them the Gift of Love.