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Easy Thanksgiving table decor ... on a budget!


Thanksgiving is so close I can practically smell your turkeys and pies baking from here!

With only a short time to go until everyone gathers in your kitchen and around your table, you may be feeling pressed for time and the thought of decorating your dinner table or sideboard may be the furthest thing from your mind!

However, you'll feel happier about the whole day if you have a few pretty things out to highlight your delicious Thanksgiving feast.  With these simple ideas, you can stop by your local grocery store, craft store, or dollar store and pick up things to use to make sweet centerpieces using things you already have in your home.

The idea of using natural colors is best for Thanksgiving. At Christmas we like go all out with bright reds and greens, but Thanksgiving colors are typically earth tones. Using produce is a great way to play up those tones on your table.

For example, use pears as part of a centerpiece:


Using $4.50 worth of fresh pears from the grocery store, I simply placed the pears on a neutral platter  that I had in my china cabinet. I love the brown and russet tones of the platter for Thanksgiving; it works perfectly, even though it doesn't have a turkey, pilgrims or anything indicative of the holiday on it. Arrange the pears on the tray (I looked for pears that didn't have an odd-shaped bottom, as they need to be able to stand, or at least lean, without falling over.)
Next, I took some floral wire (picked up in the store's craft section for $1.50) and tied on leaves I simply cut from scrapbook paper. You could even use a brown grocery  bag for the leaves!

I used a tube of glitter glue (gold, about $1.50 in the craft department) to put each person's name on a leaf, and then when dry, I pricked a hole in the leaf, slipped floral wire through the hole, and twisted the wire onto the stem of the pear.  Simply arrange the pears on your platter, and set in the center of the table. If you'd like, a few votive candles could be scattered between pears, as well.

The pears could also be used individually on each person's plate, atop a folded napkin, as a sort of place card.

Next, flowers are a typical adornment for holiday tables, but you may not have a budget which allows ordering an arrangement from a florist ... or you may just be too late to order!

Here's an easy alternative: take small pitchers from your house (or borrow from your mom's house!) such as milk or cream pitchers and souvenir pitchers, and buy one bouquet of flowers from the grocery store; they're usually less than $10. Avoid the neon pink and purple types, opting instead for red, yellow and even green hues. Fill the small pitchers with water, and cut the stems short so the blossoms just peek over the top of the pitchers by about an inch.

Gather all the pitchers in the center of the table, perhaps in a straight line running down the center as if it were a table runner. Alternatively, you could use the platter idea and group some pitchers of flowers on a tray as your centerpiece, which would work especially well if your table is round.


An even quicker idea for you:

Use Mason jars to make adorable candles that you can style however you like. Mason jars are huge in the "farmhouse chic" style of decorating... basically what we used to call "country." Whatever you call it, it's popular, and if you visit Pinterest and  type in the words "mason jar crafts" in the search box, you'll find hundreds of ideas for using these common kitchen items.

I tried a few simple ideas that worked really well.

First, I used some craft store ribbon that I'd found on clearance for 50 cents per roll to embellish the neck of the jars. Fasten with whatever you have handy: double sided tape, hot glue gun, or adhesive putty that some use to hang posters on walls. You could go further and add more embellishments to the ribbon, whether bows or buttons or anything you can imagine that you have on hand. 

Place a votive or tea light candle inside, and arrange the candles however you like; in the center of the table, along a table runner, on a platter,  and the like.

Another jar idea: place a votive candle inside a Mason jar (pint size or smaller work well) and then surround the candle in the jar with natural items, such as nuts from the produce section or your yard if you have pecan trees... even acorns would be cute, and would give the children in the house a project to work on for you. I like this idea for Christmas, as well, and would use fresh cranberries for the filler!

I had a pick of glittery gold branches and leaves that I pulled from a box of Christmas decor, so I pulled of small stems from the pick and scattered them inside the jars to brighten the nuts inside with a pop of color and shine.

You could easily use a small saucer as a votive holder, as well, and surround with nuts or leaves for a natural effect, as I did on the little jadeite saucer, below.  That would look especially cute along the center of your table runner!

However you decide to decorate your Thanksgiving table, you are wished the happiest holiday surrounded by the people you love and being grateful for all your blessings ... which is the most important thing of all.

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