Freedom Fighters: Bob Layton

Bob Layton's love of flying goes back to early childhood and continued through Texas A&M where he majored in aeronautical engineering. Although Layton wanted more than anything to be a pilot in the service, that was not to be. Near-sightedness and a fall down a gangplank on the way to the invasion of Japan, ended that dream forever. But, Layton's love affair with the air wasn't over. He has long-flown his own plane and more than a decade ago, began buying and restoring vintage airplanes and making plans for an air museum. His dream of a museum came true.

The Historic Aviation Memorial Museum, located at 2198 Dixie Drive at Tyler Pounds Regional Airport has seven restored historic airplanes and more than 6,000 items on display.  They cover the history of aviation and the heroes who pioneered the skies and defended our freedom in the heavens.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.