Hispanic Survey Unveiled In Tyler

It's a group that has doubled in size over the last 10 years in Tyler. Now, they want you to take notice.

The topic of a luncheon held Friday in Tyler was the growing Hispanic community in East Texas. More than 300 people attended at the Tyler Area Senior Citizens Association Ornealas Activity Center.

A recent survey spurred the luncheon. That survey helped pinpoint areas of growth in the Latino community and identified areas that are in need. It's the first time such a survey has been done, and those who put it together say it tells a lot.

"It tells us that Hispanics that are here enjoy living here, they also see a future in staying here, setting up a future, buying homes.. they also have a lot of unmet needs," said Edward Rincon, President Rincon & Associates, a marketing research firm hired to conduct t

600 Hispanics were surveyed. The data is expected to be used by community leaders to help them better identify the needs of the Hispanic community.

It was called for by the Fourth Partner Foundation, a nonprofit group focusing on education and increasing philanthropy.

Chris Gibson, reporting