Council Members Sound Off On Longview E mails

About 500 e-mails publicly released by the city of Longview yesterday afternoon, show no evidence of the "in-fighting" that a Longview councilwoman had suggested. Last week, the e-mails of councilwoman Karen Hailey were under the microscope... Some contained abusive, racist language, directed to other council members.

She said it was a result of animosity between council member and the mayor. In a phone interview, Hailey says is not surprised that animosity was not reflected in the emails... While another council member feels vindicated.

"People had time to delete and clean up so I'm not surprised at all... As I have continually looked over the e-mails I have to stand by my story that the were messed with they were contrived" says councilwoman Karen Hailey.

"For miss Hailey to think that there was some shuffling of the e-mails I think that's a little absurd, I know the e-mails that were sent out were of an administrative nature , that's what they are that's the way we do business , its time for us to move on" says councilman Jay Dean.

Hailey continues to say she will not resign. A recall of her position would take a petition signed by over 17-hundred voters from her district from the last election.