Power of Prayer: Tea & Tales

By Dia Wall dwall@kltv.com

On the second Monday of the month, Tea & Tales has its meeting on Holly Lake.

Member Ronda Weems says it's a perfect setting for the group of ladies who meet for fellowship and fun.

Ronda tells us "several years ago, there were about four women who got together in somebody's home and decided they wanted to have a book club. And it has grown from those four to about 80 women."

Six hostesses get together a few weeks in advance and plan the theme for the upcoming meeting. However, the books are selected a year in advance.

Ronda says "Sue Pieowitz reads the books, decides if it's something appropriate, something that's meaningful that would be good for Christian ladies to read."

Tommie Reinhardt lost her husband a couple of years ago. After a friend invited her, she decided to come check out "Tea & Tales," even though she didn't know most of its members.

Tommie tells us "A lot of them were strangers. I didn't know a lot of them and they were all friendly. They all came over, they all talked about different things."

And of course, the big draw... the food.

Tea & Tales is nourishing the minds, bodies and spirits of its members, providing a place for women to feel welcome and grow through the power of prayer.

The Tea & Tales Book Club meets the second Monday of every month in the hall at Holly Lake.

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