More E-mails Released From Longview City Council

About 500 e-mails from the Longview City Council have been released to the public in the wake of racial slurs contained in previous e-mails. Last week, more than 100 of councilwoman Karen Hailey's e-mails to mayor Murray Moore were released. Some contained abusive, sometimes racist language, directed to other council members. That prompted an out-cry from the public, leading to the massive release today.

The new release does not indicate that the council was embroiled in the bitter fighting that Karen Hailey suggested. Although, there were complaints by citizens to council members.  After reading through the near 500 e-mails, we found no hostile language appears to be generated by members to one another, no evidence of any strong or abusive language and no apparent animosity.

We asked questions about how the computer system works at the City of Longview and found it was possible for council members to delete e-mails before the open records request was made for these documents. Requested hand-written notes from council members are expected to be released next week.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.