Some East Texas Hospitals Carry Limited Flu Vaccine Supply

In response to the U.S. flu vaccine shortage, KLTV contacted East Texas hospitals to check on the availbility of the immunization.
  Trinity Mother Frances has 100 percent of the vaccines they orderd for hospital use. Those vaccines are for in-patients, healthcare workers, children and chronically ill patients. Trinity Mother Frances has a third of its vaccines for clinics, about 11,000 vaccines.
  East Texas Medical Center has 50 percent of its total order, about 3,000 vaccines for in-patients, outpatients, clinics, and home healthcare providers.
  UT Health Center has 20 percent of its total order, about 2,000 vaccines. UT Health Center officials said 7,000 additional vaccines are expected soon.
  In Longview, the VA out-patient hospital still has flu shots.

Maya Golden reporting,