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Better East Texas: Fighting against the movement to remove all things 'God' from our nation

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The scrubbing of acknowledging God continues in our nation. We have all heard of the false internet rumors of the government removing "In God We Trust" from our currency or some government entity having to fight to place the words in a meeting place. But now, it seems that one of these rumors is actually true.

The Air Force has successfully removed the words – "so help me God" as the conclusion to their Honor Oath. It appears that the term was also removed from 2 other oaths taken by Air Force cadets. Fortunately, several congressmen were tipped off to the change and officially demanded an explanation. But the Air Force seemed to dodge the genesis of the move to remove "so help me God" by saying it was just an oversight. The term has since been restored and will be in future publications of the written oaths affected.

Belief in God is obviously under attack across our nation and this is just the latest salvo in the battle. It is the duty of all God-fearing, God believing people to stand up for our traditions that acknowledge our beliefs. Many of these traditions have been in place since the birth of our country and they need to stay. As we prepare for the Christmas holiday season, there will, no doubt, be other fights over Christian symbols and those of us that believe need to be prepared. The freedom of religion provision, as it is called in the Bill of Rights, protects us from a state sponsored religion, but it does not prevent us as citizens and citizen groups from acknowledging a Creator.

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