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Better East Texas: Widening gap between politicians and public

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As a nation we are looking back to the day that President John Kennedy was shot in Dallas. It has been 50 years and most of us don't remember that day but we can all certainly recognize how the assassination changed our nation and honestly the world.

Gone are the days of nearly open access to the president and our governmental leaders. It seems there is a layer between the population and our elected officials at nearly every level beyond the local level. I think this gap has grown wider recently and that is a bad thing. Our president and, for that matter, many in congress are not in touch with the populous. They ether can't relate to the struggles, concerns and goals or they choose to ignore them. It is one thing to take a stand on business interests and regulations but when the decisions that our elected officials make ignore the wishes of the majority of their constituents, it is obvious that something is wrong.

We need elected officials that truly represent us because they are one of us. They share our beliefs and are loyal to our communities. Perhaps that gap wasn't created after Kennedy's death, it may have always been there to a point, but it is magnified now. As candidates consider running again and new candidates emerge, we must demand they respect those who vote for them and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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