New Information On The Seniors Center

We have a correction to make tonight on a story we brought to you back on September 23rd . Our report concerned some letters that were being mailed to many East Texas seniors asking them to join an organization called "The Seniors Center". Many folks were confused and thought the letters were asking them to pay a membership fee at their local seniors' center.

The Better Business Bureau and a local senior organization believed the letters were from a bogus organization. They warned local seniors to beware of a possible scam, that is also what we reported. Yet it turns out this is not the case.

The letters are from a national lobby group called "The Seniors Center". It is associated with an organization called Christian Voice, Inc., based in Virginia . Christian Voice, Inc. has been around a long time and says its' mission is to educate people on public policy and Christian moral issues. The Seniors Center is a project of Christian Voice, Inc. The "Center" is a legitimate organization that raises money with the promise to lobby lawmakers on behalf of seniors. .

If you'd like to find out more about the work of "The Seniors Center", go to kltv dot com and click on Know More on 7. There you'll find a link to The Seniors Center .