Big Money In Your Pocket Change

Whether you're stretched for cash or just curious as to what your coins are worth, bringing them to this man, Tom Bennington could be worth your while. He can tell you if your pennies, dimes and quarters are worth a lot more than face value. Debbie Owens visits him often.

"I am a waitress so I watch all the coins that come through and I get a bunch of them,"she says.

Sometimes she strikes gold.

"My barber head dimes are worth $3.75 each," she says with delight.

But many coins are worth much, much more, like this dime.

"It's a 1942 over 1941 dime. In other words they stamped 1941 and then in 1942 stamped a two over the one. It's called an overstrike and is quite rare," says Tom. And it is worth a lot. $2000. If you find a liberty nickel from 1913, it's worth a cool million.

"So are you a little skeptical that any of your coins are worth something. So was I. So I dumped out all the change from my wallet to see what I could find. I found a new issue quarter and a wheat penny. It's only worth about 5 cents but it proves it might be worth your time to take a look."

Other coins to look for, this 1909 wheat penny is worth 700 dollars. 1943 copper pennies are worth thousands. Any quarter made before 1964 and any World War Two era nickle can be worth several times their face value. And don't forget to look at your cash too.

"At the end of the serial number see the little star right there,"says Tom.

A dollar bill with a star on it is worth a buck 50. And this 2002 10 dollar bill is worth 30 bucks because it was cut poorly. Proving all your money could be hidden treasure.