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Longview couple narrowly escapes house fire


A Longview couple is trying to rebuild their dream home today after a fire erupted in the middle of the night. It happened at 1213 Hughey Drive, in Longview, just after 1:00 a.m. The couple inside narrowly escaped and managed to save their two dogs.

Gabriel Roberson, the man who lives in the home says, "It's still hard to look at it," as he looks over the damage. He and his fiancé were building their life in that home, a home Roberson planned to buy from his bride-to-be's parents.

"I mean, we worked real hard over the last year and a half to build what we have here, and it's all gone," he said.

The home was worth much more than its monetary value, he said. "This is the home that she grew up in, that's why I decided to buy the house, because this is her home, she grew up in this home, and I felt like she would want this home, to you know, for us to get old in."

But their plans went up in flames early this morning when a suspected electrical fire sparked near the back. Their two dogs lay on a recliner in the front room; it had become their dog bed.

"When I opened the bedroom door, smoke was rolling into the bedroom," he said.

He couldn't get to the dogs, so Roberson kicked out the back window and helped his fiancé to safety.

"And then she started hollering for the dogs," Roberson said.

Remembering his keys were in the pocket of the pants he had thrown on, he unlocked the front door and the dogs came running. They're now safely recovering at a friend's home.

He said he is thankful for all the support neighbors have shown. "I don't know, maybe a lot of people see it; I'm not used to it, but it feels good to know that people still care."

Though they've lost everything, he says this Thanksgiving they've got more to be thankful for than ever.

"It's Thanksgiving and I thank God that we're alive; if it never mattered before, it matters now," he said.

And they have new plans now, to rebuild a home that so much had been built on.

Other than a cut foot from kicking that window out, Roberson says his fiancé and their dogs are all okay.

The couple says their smoke detector is what woke them up and ultimately saved them.

If you'd like to donate to help the Roberson's rebuild their home, you can donate to the Gabriel, Natalie, or Joe Goodan Special Fund at any Texas Bank.

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