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Police seeking suspect in 30th Tyler robbery this year

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas authorities are working to identify the man who robbed a Tyler convenience store at gun point Sunday night.

Just after 9:30, police were called to the Food Fast store in the 4700 block of Troup Highway. It's there, the clerk tells police, that a white male had taken money from the register and fled the scene.

In the surveillance video, you see the robber walk in and head straight for the counter. He's cashing a lottery ticket when another customer walks into the store. Then, the soon-to-be robber decides to leave.

Police say he might have acted if a potential witness hadn't walked in. When that customer leaves the store minutes later, the robber is back.

This time, he heads for the beverage coolers and picks up a soda. When he gets to the register he offers the clerk some cash, but when the register drawer pops open, out comes his silver hand gun. The man orders the clerk to give him all of the money in the register. Then, he instructs her to get on the ground until he's gone.

When police arrived, the robber was long gone. However, witnesses say a white Chevy Avalanche was seen tearing out of the area after just after the robbery happened. If it seems like there have been more robberies than usual, that's because there have been.

Since August, Tyler Police have recorded 16 robberies. From August to November of last year, there were just seven robberies. Tyler has seen fewer convenience store robberies and bank/financial institution robberies this year than last year, but the stats are up on gas station robberies, discount store robberies and "other" robberies.

Last year Tyler Police recorded at total of 26 robberies. So far this year, they have recorded 30 robberies.

The suspect in Sunday night's Food Fast robbery is described as a white male with brown hair. He had an unshaven face during the robbery. He is approximately 25-35 years old and between 6 foot and 6 foot four inches tall.

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