Press release regarding burglary sting

Released by the Van Zandt County Constable's Office:

Five suspects are charge in a multi-agency investigation that concluded this week after information led agents to a home in the City of Grand Saline, where officials recovered a large quantity of stolen property.

A routine traffic stop in Canton developed information that connected several suspects to burglaries that Van Zandt Co. Sheriff's Deputies were investigating.  A second traffic stop in Grand Saline that yielded a narcotics arrest and prompted a search warrant for a home in Grand Saline.  As a result, twenty plus burglary cases and the one narcotics case were cleared by arrest.

The five suspects burglarized several homes in rural South East Van Zandt Co. on several occasions, both before and after neighbors reported the break in to Sheriff's Deputies. Unfortunately, the suspects completely ransacked the homes, all but destroying the interiors.  Generally, suspects do not return to the scene of the crime, however in this criminal episode they not only returned once, but twice compounding their crimes and adding to their charges.

The five law enforcement agencies involved cooperated so seamlessly that from start to finish and all five suspects being booked into jail was 3 and a half days.  Each agency's officers and deputies did an excellent job acting so fast on this information.  We would like to Thank and Salute the Canton Police Dept., Grand Saline Police Dept., Van Zandt Co Sheriff's Office, Van Zandt Co. Pct. 1 Constables, and Van Zandt Co. Pct. 4 Constables for their great work.

Released on Authority of Chief Deputy Bob Keltner, Van Zandt Co. Pct.4 Constable's Office