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East Texas children find new homes


4,000 children across Texas are in need of adoptive families. Today, however, a group of those in East Texas got their wish.

It's National Adoption Day and Smith County held a ceremony at the Rose Heights Church in Tyler to make adoptions official for several families.

"Their new names are Oscar Ray Barrington and Christian Oliver Barrington," Brandye Barrington, a new adoptive mother said.

What's in a name?

"They say it takes a village and we have, firsthand, felt that, and it's been a very, very, very long journey, but well worth it," Kyle Barrington, the father, said.

It's been a long time coming for Kyle and Brandye.

"We had been trying for about six years to have children on our own and realized that we weren't going to be able to do it," Brandye said.

Fostering was their next step, with thought that they might adopt down the road. A year's worth of paperwork and legalities led them to the birthday party held Friday celebrating hopes of a family of three, four or even five.

"We actually...the first call we got...were for girls, so on a Tuesday, we were out, shopping and  looking at pink things, and those girls went to another home, so we're like uh-oh, and about two hours later we got the call for two boys, so now we're out looking for blue things, and there it was, so that's how they came to us," Kyle said.

It's no matter, as long as they're Barringtons, though.

"From day one we had the commitment that they were ours, and we've treated them like they were ours, and we knew there was a chance that they would go back, but it didn't matter because they deserved to have a home," Branye said.

They fostered Oscar and Christian for more than a year, but almost lost them at one point during the case.

"So, it's been excruciating, it's been an excruciating year and a half and to finally be at this point, it's like being able to finally exhale, " the new mom said.

A couple of two becomes a couple plus two.

"Today feels good because it's a huge relief, but it doesn't change our family, because we've been a family since the beginning," she continued.

So, what's in a name? Today, and now forever, for these four, love is in their name.

Fifteen children were adopted Friday at the tenth annual adoption celebration in Smith County. The Barrington's would like to pass along a message, which is that Texas needs more foster parents and they wish you'd consider it!

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