Better East Texas: New voting law passes the test in latest state election

Better East Texas: New voting law passes the test in latest state election

(KLTV) - Texans turned out to vote in the statewide election a couple of weeks ago and while there were no big candidate races and no high profile advertising, the vote was the first test of the controversial mandatory ID law for voters.

Opponents of the law, passed by the Texas legislature earlier this year, predicted that the law was discriminatory and would kill voter turnout. Proponents of the law said it would be a reasonable step in identifying who was voting and would curtail voter fraud. Well the vote totals are in and this appears to be a victory for supporters of the law. In fact, the 2013 constitutional amendment vote experienced the largest voter turnout in 8 years when compared to other off-year elections.

There was strong belief that the new law requiring a picture ID would torpedo voter turnout in heavy Hispanic parts of the state and yet voter turnout increased in those areas as well. This law, favored by most Texan,s has been fought by the federal government and Texans have won and the law seems to have passed its first field test with flying colors.

It is a new process to bring a picture ID to vote but one that should be quickly embraced by all voters across the state as more votes take place. Now, if you are not registered voter, I suppose you don't have to worry about it but shame on you for not participating in one of the greatest rights in our country. Get registered to vote and, on election day, bring an ID and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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