Better East Texas: Changes within the movie rating system

Better East Texas: Changes within the movie rating system

My kids often remind me of how things have changed since I was a kid and I suppose I have to agree to a point, but I do have a problem when something changes but is presented as a constant.

Take the movie ratings system, where Hollywood presents and markets movies with G, PG, PG-13 and R ratings. The ratings are designed to reflect the content. Well, the measure of a movie's content has absolutely changed while the packaging has remained constant. A recent study revealed that today's PG-13 movies would have most likely been rated R twenty years ago because of the amount of gun violence in the film.

That revelation came out through a study by the Journal of Pediatrics. Gun violence in PG-13 movies has doubled in the past 20 years. Now, I don't know if we need an additional ratings classification or what, but to continue to label these movies as PG-13 when my idea of a PG-13 movie is no longer reality, is troubling.

The other ratings categories have essentially remained constant in their frequency of gun violence so it is just the PG-13 rating that has changed. The study goes on to make the connection between gun violence in movies and violent tendencies in real life. It is not an open and shut case and there is plenty of room for interpretation. But you can't argue the fact that gun violence in the movies, most frequented by teen agers, has sky rocketed and that is an un welcomed change.

Make a new rating category or make the violence quantity obvious and parents will feel a little better about these movies.

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