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Albany centenarian remembers first game at Sanford Stadium

Louise Jordan Louise Jordan

You'll have to forgive Louise Jordan for being a little fuzzy on the details of her first Georgia football game.

It was 84 years ago, after all.

"I don't think I remember anything about the ball game," Jordan laughs. "I was more interested in the people and the crowd."

On October 29, 1929, the Dawgs hosted Yale University in the first ever game at Sanford Stadium.

In the crowd were thousands of students, as well as university and state dignitaries.

And in the north side of the stadium, section two, row 24, seat 25, was Louise.

"I was just watching everything, watching everybody. Seeing people that you knew or didn't know," she remembers. "It was all Georgia in the stadium and all the excitement. We knew that we were playing somebody very important"

The then-17 year old freshman watched Catfish Smith score two touchdowns as the Dawgs beat Yale 15-0 in the dedicatory game.

"The excitement was great and that [chapel] bell ringing all night, and the fact that we beat them," says
Jordan. "We ran them out of the south."

Louise graduated from Georgia in 1933, and moved to Albany in 1939 where she taught school in Dougherty County

Now at 101 years old, Louise still lives in Albany.

Among her treasures she's kept from her UGA days, the ticket that made her a part of history.

"It represented something that was great to me. That was a big something. That really was a big bonus in your life," Jordan says. "It's something you remember the rest of your life."

Jordan says she's holding onto that ticket like she has for the past 84 years, but she would give it away, but only to the right person.

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