Two Longview Blazes Investigated As Arson

With two new house fires overnight, authorities in Longview are now convinced a serial arsonist is at work in their city.
Two houses, less than two blocks away from each other burn down; the fires started an hour apart. It happened before sunrise Wednesday morning in Longview, one on Humble avenue, the other on East Highland. Longview authorities say its part of a pattern that could include half a dozen other house fires. All of the homes were unoccupied.
"Scares me, somebody might come and set my house on fire" says a neighbor to the homes, Leah Merchant.
Fire investigators say they've seen a half dozen arson cases over the past year in South Longview. That can be very dangerous. "What we're seeing here is a pattern of residential structure fires unoccupied at the time. Firefighters are not aware that this is an unoccupied home, they're inclined to think that there may be someone in there" says Longview assistant fire marshal Mark Moore.
The city's arson dog was brought to both scenes and confirmed that incendiary liquids were used. Both homes were destroyed, and neighbors were understandably unnerved by the fires. "It's somebody elses property , its not their own it can effect other people , because the fire could have spread" Merchant says.
Although both homes were unnoccupied, both were in residential areas and surrounded by trees. Investigators say someone could have gotten killed. "You're putting firefighters and the public in danger" says Moore. Fire marshals hope they find who's responsible, before more than property is lost. So far there are no suspects in either fire.

Bob Hallmark reporting.