Does It Work?: Batter Pro

By Joe Terrell - bio | email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Chef Reece Williams, the man behind the Front Porch restaurant chain is famous for flavoring foods from the inside, things like injecting marinade into turkey. Now he's helping everyone at home flavor foods better from the outside. You may have seen this thing on TV. It's called the Batter Pro and this week we put it to the Does It Work? test.

Chef William's picture is right there on the Batter Pro box. "Batter all your food in under 10 seconds," it says. We'll see.

The Batter Pro consists of two clear plastic bowls and a red plastic sifter that goes in the middle.

We made battered onion rings. We mixed the wet batter in the bottom of one of the clear bowls, put the onions on top, closed the container with the other clear bowl and started shaking. We shook for 10 seconds, opened the bowls and there were our battered onion rings.

The first several onion rings fried up very well. The last few, not so good. The longer they sat on top of the sifter, the longer the batter had to drip down through the sifter. Remember that if you buy this product.

Having tried a wet batter, we wanted to try a dry, breadcrumb based batter as well. A fried chicken recipe had us soaking a few chicken legs in buttermilk. We sat those on top of the breadcrumb mixture in the bottom of the Batter Pro.

We put the sifter on top, put the second bowl on top of that and shook for 10 seconds. We opened the bowl and had 6 perfectly breaded chicken legs.

Does It Work? We give the Batter Pro a "yes."

We paid $20 for the Batter Pro. That's a little pricey for what you get, but if you use it a lot, it could be worth it.

We bought the Batter Pro at Walgreens. It's also available online and at Target.

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