Streets Of Speed: South Broadway Construction Zone

The flow of traffic has changed in South Tyler, at least for a while.

For the next week, a section of South Broadway between Grande Blvd and Robert E. Lee Dr. will be under construction. It's reduced to two lanes, while crews work on the Grande extension.

Normally 45 mph, the speed limit has been dropped to 30 mph. But are drivers heeding the new rules?

We took the KLTV 7 Speed Zapper there to find out.

The signs are clearly displayed along Broadway. Construction zone, reduced lanes ahead, speed limit 30 mph. We caught driver after driver speeding through the construction zone, some nearly 20 miles an hour over the limit.

The speeds make things really dangerous for construction workers who have to park their vehicles on the opposite side of the road and sometimes waiting for a spot to clear in the traffic can turn it into a guessing game.

"We have to be very close to the moving traffic, there is no way around it," said Allen Ross, Project Engineer.

Ross is on site everyday and said his crews' safety is up to you.

"The (Tyler) city council passed an ordinance that temporarily lowered the limit to 30 mph, we're hoping people abide by that but as you can see there are some that don't."
"If people would just slow down and pay attention to the advance warning signs and be aware that their mission is to get their car through here safely and not endanger the lives of others then everyone will be O.K."

With a week still left to complete the project, he hopes that message gets through.

The average speed clocked was 9 mph over the limit. The southbound lanes are expected to be finished in the next few days. Then, workers will switch to the other side. The entire project is expected to be completed by October 9.

Chris Gibson, reporting