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President Obama & Rep. Louie Gohmert talk health care to Texans

President Barack Obama spent Wednesday promoting the Affordable Care Act to Texans.

"Ultimately, all the politics, all the chatter sometimes leaves out the fact that the system we had – the status quo – just wasn't working for too many people," Obama said.

The president spoke to volunteers and supporters at a Dallas synagogue, where he described his frustration over

"It's like having a great product in the stores and cash registers don't work, or there aren't enough parking spaces or people can't get through the door."

He praised the mayor of Dallas for helping people sign up for the affordable care act. He also called on Texas Governor Rick Perry to expand Medicaid for the millions of uninsured Texans.

Governor Perry responded by saying, "President Obama deceived the American people by promising that anyone who liked their health care plan could keep it, but millions of Americans are now discovering that simply isn't true."

Congressman Louie Gohmert brought his opinions on the Affordable Care Act to East Texas, defending the Republican party's stall on capitol hill.

"When you know how dramatically people are adversely affected, do you want to let people suffer and maybe even die? We felt like we had to try and put it off, you just really couldn't, in good conscience, not try to suspend it," Gohmert said.

Both parties are reaching for the same large audience, bringing very different messages. 

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