Gift of Love: Lilie's Adoption

We first met Lilie back in January at Pottery Cafe.  Where she and I painted a gingerbread man.  At the time, she shared with me that wanted she more than anything to find a new family in the new year.

"Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters, " Lilie said.

And while Lilie didn't get a brother, she did find a forever family with a mom, dad and sister.  She even has a miniature poodle named Cocoa.

Lilie's adoption will be finalized this month and she is excited about not having to move again. She enjoys playing a special game of hide and seek with her dad and sister.  This past summer, Lilie learned how to swim and can't wait to swim again and again.  In gymnastics, she does walkovers, and beautiful cartwheels.  Lilie is now working hard to learn a round-off back handspring. She loves to go to the park, out to eat, and play with her sister.

Lilie said it was very important to find her forever family ,"because I don't want to go back to foster care." Lilie said.

And now she never will.

Lilie and her sister are preparing for the adoption and chose matching sequin dresses, sparkly heels and cross necklaces.  As for this gingerbread plate, is it now  on the credenza waiting to be filled with cookies for Santa. And most importantly, Lilie has found the Gift of Love.