Why Use a Realtor?

We are Professionals.

You don't heal yourself, you don't work on your own teeth, and you don't represent yourself in court. Why should you take on the challenge of buying or selling your home by yourself?

Every year our qualifications are increasing to get a real estate license and keep one. Daily we are in contact with bankers, mortgage companies, attorneys, and title companies to keep you abreast of the best loans available and current market trends.

Today, the Real Estate Market is built around Realtors. When you list your property with one Realtor, you are essentially exposing your property to all 700+ Realtors in the Greater Tyler area! These are just a few of the reasons why Realtors handle most property transfers in this country:

1. A property that is for sale by the owner, offers no "protection" for a Realtor to want to show your property, when compared to other properties similar to yours. Let me explain….When faced with the decision of showing a potential client a home that is a listing with a Realtor or one that is For Sale by the owner, a Realtor would rather show property that they can receive a guaranteed commission from. Yours may get left out of the process .

2. These days' buyers are sophisticated. You may be thinking that you can save money by not paying a Realtors commission by selling your own property, but often times the opposite is true. Buyers expect a much lower sales price when not dealing with a Realtor.

3. Think about fielding calls, pre-qualifying buyers (are they "just lookers"), negotiating, title evidence, taxes, disclosures, and a dozen other details to consider.

4. One last important point………advertising. If you are selling your home For Sale By Owner, you understand the cost of advertising your property. Realtors will absorb that cost for you…. IF YOUR PROPERTY SELLS OR NOT. Realtors also have the connection and access to advertising you may not have.