GoPro Camera: Does It Work?

We thought it's high time we look at a hi-def camera, and Joe Terrell just had to go with the GoPro on Does It Work?
We thought it's high time we look at a hi-def camera, and Joe Terrell just had to go with the GoPro on Does It Work?

If something interesting happens there's probably video of it. High-quality cameras are everywhere, including on people.

We thought it's high time we look at a hi-def camera, and Joe Terrell just had to go with the GoPro on  Does It Work?.

"There are so many attachments and options to this thing. I got my camera and different cases and mounts. The trouble is, you know I'm here at the park, and I have to be honest with you, my athletic days are well past me. Kid, come here, come here. What's your name?" said Joe.

"My name's Bruce," replied Bruce.

"Would you mind helping us test this?" Joe asked.

"Sure," Bruce agreed.

"You sure?"


"All right, let's do it." stated Joe.

The GoPro Hero 2 comes with a case with a water-proof and non water-proof door, a USB charge cable, a battery, some adhesive mounts and straps for your head and chest.

Not included is the Wi-Fi BacPac.

"And what this does is create a signal that I can tap into with a iPhone or an iPad and actually control the camera and see the picture that's coming from the camera remotely," Joe said.

Also not included is the handlebar/seatpost mount. There are a lot of things that aren't included like an LCD viewfinder.

The GoPro Hero 2 shoots 1080p video and stills up to 11mp with time-lapse and burst modes.

"So if I attach this to your bicycle you're not going to take off with this are you? I mean you can take off a little bit," Joe said.

"No promises," said Bruce.

"I've got your license plate number," Joe pointed out.

The first time you use the bike mount you'd better not be in a hurry. It takes a while to put it all together.

"Honestly I thought this would be easier," Joe said dropping screws.

Eventually it's on the bike, then wi-fi on an iPhone.

"There it is there, and I can actually start it rolling right there," observed Joe.

With the app you can take stills or video. Let's roll.

"You'll come back with my camera?" Joe asked Bruce.

"Your camera?" Bruce asked Joe.

"Yes, my camera. I need to get a picture of him before hand. Turn to the side. That's what its going to look like if you don't come back with my camera," Joe said taking a mugshot-like picture.

"So, action there. Do what I can't do any more: ride a bike," Joe said as Bruce rode off.

I should mention I've already lost the signal," Joe observed.

The wi-fi is for close use to take pictures and video, not so much for broadcasting.

Meanwhile, Bruce gets to the woods pretty quick, which would make Joe a little concerned if he could see him.

The image quality of the GoPro is excellent. The mount moves around a little when the road gets rough and wants to tilt down, especially after getting a little airborne. But this is about the camera, not the mount.

Looking down at the front bike wheel as it rolls, it does seem like we're going to fall off the earth or something because of the 170 degree wide angle setting. There are three different lens settings, by the way.

The audio quality isn't very good, but you do have the option of plugging in an external microphone.

"Hey, he's back! You still got it?" Joe asked Bruce as he pulled up. Bruce nodded.

"I feel like I can trust you a little bit now," Joe added.

Joe tried mounting it on Bruce's wrist while he did some skateboarding, which was a little nauseating. Mounted on the skateboard looked better. It was a little rough with the headband mount while jogging, but at the end of a mono-pod made for some pretty cool shots; maybe one of the best ways to use it…or is it?

"I think you're a really responsible kid, so are you ready to go really fast?" Joe asked Bruce while holding out car keys.

"Your car?" Bruce responded.

"I'm not stupid, buddy, this is your dad's car. Here you go."

The car mount made for a great driving shot, and some pretty good proof Bruce didn't speed.

Transferring video is as easy as putting the GoPro's SD card in a computer and copying to a folder.

"What do you think, does it work?" Joe asked Bruce.

"It works, it works very well," Bruce replied.

"You give it a yes?" Questioned Joe.

"I give it a yes," Bruce confirmed.

There are four different versions of the GoPro currently being sold. There are three versions of the GoPro Hero 3 and the GoPro hero 2 that joe tested here.

Prices range between $200 and $400 with all the models producing spectacular video and still pictures.

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