Better East Texas: Checking the source to check all of the facts

Better East Texas: Checking the source to check all of the facts

(KLTV) - I regularly receive emails and read news posts that point to conspiracies and hidden agenda involving elected officials. A recent story had the headline stating that President Obama was personally changing the hats, or "covers" as they are known, for the Marine Corps for the purpose of going to a more unisex design.

It all started with an article in the New York Post, which is known for sensationalizing stories. It was then picked up by the Fox News Channel which has a somewhat better reputation but, in this case, failed to check for accuracy. Now, Fox News carefully identified the New York Post as the source which ultimately exonerates Fox if the story is inaccurate, but the story was not true, nonetheless.

Ultimately, it had to be debunked by the Marine Corp itself. The real story is that the Marines were considering changing the design of the cover and were going to send a survey to active and reserve Marines. Now, there was a lot of negative feedback on the proposed design and the exercise of the survey was cancelled. The entire process of how this story migrated through the press and falsely involved the president should make us all shudder. I don't mean to single out Fox News because all the national press is guilty of this to some degree.

The point is to not believe everything you read. We must all check the sources to make certain we are getting the truth and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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