Right To Life Endorses Gohmert, Farm Bureau Endorses Sandlin

Two East Texas candidates have just announced new endorsements in the race for the District 1 seat in Congress.

The National Right to Life Committee endorses Republican Louie Gohmert. The committee praised Gohmert's committment to protecting unborn children and people whose lives are threatened by euthanasia.

Democratic incumbent Max Sandlin's campaign office issued this response: "The groups that endorsed Louie oppose all termination, even for victims of criminal assaults, such as rape and incest. This is just more misleading nonsense from Louie and his extremist friends... They lied about Congressman Sandlin's position on partial birth abortion, which he has voted to ban six times."

Meanwhile, Sandlin's campaign announced his endorsement by the Texas Farm Bureau's AGFUND, the political action fund. AGFUND's president says he appreciates Sandlin's "tireless efforts on behalf of agriculture."

His opponent, Gohmert, issued this response: "I am a strong supporter of agriculture, and that is why Texas Agriculture Commissioner Susan Combs and the Texas Forestry Association Political Action Committee have endorsed my campaign... If agriculture is doing well, it is good for everyone in East Texas."

Election Day is less than a month away.

Julie Tam, reporting.