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Longview residents concerned over traffic signal change in busy intersection


There were some confused drivers in one East Texas neighborhood today, as a city traffic intersection signal was changed from its normal light sequence.

The intersection in question is at south Green Street and Young Street in Longview.

Many drivers who frequently pass through the Green-Young street area were taken aback  when the normal signal turned to flashing yellow and red lights. 

"Man this is a bad idea; you got little kids and cars," said driver Blake Thomas.

A regular evaluation has the city eliminating the signal, turning it to flashing red on the Young Street side, to flashing yellow on the Green Street side.

 "On Young Street they do have to come to a stop and watch for traffic," said Longview police officer Kristie Brian.

Drivers either did not notice the change, or, like many, were confused by the change. 

Stop signs will replace the signal, but some drivers don't think that's a good idea either.

"A lot of people run stop signs, too, you know. A light is more visible than a stop sign," Thomas said.

For now, police say drivers need to be aware at the intersection.

The city will switch to stop signs at the intersection at some point in the future.

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