Family questions DPS policies after their loved one dies

Tonight at 10, Melanie Torre has an investigation that's been several months in the making.  She has the story of how a family's desire to put up a marker recognizing the place where their loved one died, turned into a quest to uncover how a DPS trooper handled an encounter with the driver who caused the crash.  Watch tonight at 10 and hear the dash cam recording that let the family know that the man who killed their loved one had already been pulled over earlier that night.

Local police say the man pictured below doesn't keep his hands to himself.  Tonight at 10, we'll have a new report that explains exactly why they are looking for him.

Chief Meteorologist Mark Scirto is monitoring the weather so he can let you know exactly what to expect for your weekend.  Catch his new forecast at 10 so you'll be prepared.