Better East Texas: Fallout from Affordable Care Act continues

Better East Texas: Fallout from Affordable Care Act continues

The fallout from the Affordable Care Act continues with much of the criticism focused on the website,, as it has become the poster child of what many are calling a failed government program.

It seems everyone has plenty of finger pointing and the highest government official to admit responsibility was Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. The secretary was testifying before a congressional panel when she stated that she apologized and that she was accountable to the American People. This is one of those political hot potatoes that keeps getting passed around and yes, Secretary Sebelius is accountable but she was not elected.

The President is her boss and he is ultimately the one that is responsible to the American people. There are far too many elected officials in both parties that can't overcome the narcissistic tendency to dodge responsibility. When you make a mistake or something happens that is your responsibility, then admit it. Even as a society, we look to assign blame for a problem before even attempting to fix the problem.

I have found that most of the time, people are forgiving when you admit your own humanity. This is an opportunity for President Obama to be an example for the nation and admit that he is accountable for this and then outline, with specifics, what he is doing about it. He has at his disposal the entire government and millions of dollars and taking responsibility is the right thing to do.

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