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MPS, milk supplier respond to claims of spoiled milk in schools


A Goodwyn Middle School parent says her sixth-grade son drank milk from a carton with a good "use by" date, but the milk was spoiled.

"I didn't know it was sour until I took a sip of it and I found out. So I just threw that away, and I guess it didn't mix well with my stomach. It just made me throw up," Hixon Allen said.

Sara Goen started an online petition and soon discovered similar reports from parents of students at other MPS schools, including Flowers elementary and Baldwin Magnet School.

This is raising red flags and alarm for some parents.

"It leads to a lot of other questions. Even if it's not outdated. It's gone bad and they're drinking it," Goen said. "It's going to lead to all kinds of bacteria in their system and could really make them really sick.Some of the younger kids in elementary schools they may not know the difference."

A Montgomery Public Schools spokesperson says child nutritionist program directors routinely check to make sure milk cartons are within the "use by" date. The district say it's not an internal problem and pointed to the milk supplier -- Barber's.

"The best we can tell at this point, the issue is with the supplier because we don't have any milk that's been reported as being bad. The carton has shown a current use by date," said Tom Salter, MPS Senior Communication Officer. "So we're working with Barber's to ensure that all the milk that's delivered is appropriately dated and in good shape."

A Barber's spokesperson says the company is working with the school district to investigate the concerns.

"There are a host of reasons why there would be premature spoiling. It relates to temperature and how it's being handled. At this point, we have not identified any particular sources as to why milk may have spoiled prematurely," Jamaison Schuler said.

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