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Helmets no match for concussions, new study proves

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A new report is out saying the price you put on your child's safety on the football field this season doesn't equal the price you pay for equipment. The study looked at 36 high schools and tracked injuries to players and the types of helmets worn.

Football is in the blood for Jamie Frederick. "I would spend more for safer equipment, there's no doubt," she said. Not only do both of her sons play, but she's even kept her father's helmet, though she's glad they don't look like that anymore.

"They provide the equipment at school and I do know that they provide very good equipment," she said.

According to a study by The American Academy of Pediatrics, "Despite what manufacturers might claim, newer and more expensive equipment may not reduce concussion risk...neither any specific brand of football helmet nor custom mouth guards result in fewer concussions in kids who use them."

"The brain moves inside your head and hits the side of your head, you put a helmet over that and you hit your head really hard, your brain is still going to move inside your head and hit the inside of your head," Vicky LaMay, an EMT said.

Though helmets protect against skull fractures and cuts, your skull is your brain's own helmet, LaMay said, and no matter how much protection, a hard tackle is going to rattle your brain.

Jamie hopes coaches will teach safer tackle techniques; Lamay says that's what it comes down to.

"For the kids to just learn to do the tackle safely, without landing on their head, without using their head," LaMay said.

"We really tell our boys, too, you're not out there to hurt other people, but you know if you don't want to get slung around, make sure you're getting to them first."

Still, her kids won't be borrowing grandpa's old helmet any time soon.

Approximately 40,000 sports-related concussions occur in U.S. high schools every year. The type of helmet had no impact on severity of concussion.

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