Bikers Hit The Road To Raise Money

Over the next week and a half hundreds of bikers will take to the roads of Texas to participate in a special event.  They call it "VFW Rides for the Troops", military veterans and their friends are cruising across the state helping raise money for soldiers and their families.

"It actually started about two months ago which is not a long time to organize an event of this size but because we felt the need was critical to get the money to the veterans of Afghanistan, Iraq and other places around the world we jumped on it and made it happen," said ride captain Neil "Mo" Morris.

The journey will take these riders from Killeen, to Austin, to Nacogdoches, to Dallas and on to Abilene.  It's a week long journey, raising money to support soldiers and their families.  It's a cause these veterans understand.

"We know what the needs are for these men and women that are coming back and it's kind of our way of supporting the troops and supporting the cause," said Morris.

Paula Green of Canton is one of those taking part in the ride.  She has a son fighting in Iraq and says the show of support means a lot.

"I think about him everyday while he's over there," she said.  "It's kind of hard to explain just the show of support and to know that just because he is your kid that everybody is thinking about all of them and hopefully we'll get them home soon."

The stop at the VFW Post 9171 is just a refresher.  There are dozens of more just like it along this 1,200 mile trip.  These bikers hope by making an effort they can make a difference.

"Anything that you can do to bring attention to a good cause is a good thing," said Green.

The ride is sponsored by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Texas.  About 300 bikers are expected to take part in the ride which will wind up in Abilene on the 10th.  The group hopes to raise about $5,000.

Chris Gibson, reporting