Blindfolded Driver Cruises Longview Streets

In a unique way to raise money for the East Texas angel network Neal McCoy enlisted the help of memory expert David McGee, who would drive through the city 10 miles from McCoy home to the Longview coliseum... Blindfolded... Why?

"I can't really answer I think to raise money, it's good I think a lot of people pitched in because their going to duct tape my mouth" said McCoy.

To keep McCoy from giving directions, his mouth was taped shut, along with veteran Hollywood actor Burton Gillian from "Blazing Saddles" fame.

"My career is at and end I'm gonna end it in fine fashion, we're gonna end up in a creek my head through the window, its gonna be lovely folks" said Gillian.

It wasn't a trick, not an illusion, McGee has memorized every curve, every turn, every intersection knowing exactly where he is on the road without seeing it.

"It's something I can do through the use of visual retraction, I see it even though I can't literally see it" said McGee.

In spite of some close calls with existing traffic... McGee stays right on track... Often using the raised street reflectors on the road to guide him. And remarkably he stops within 2 feet of the entrance to the coliseum. Country music legend Charlie Pride highlighted a concert at Lobo coliseum Saturday night. All proceeds go to the angel network. Bob Hallmark reporting.