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Will the real Royal Family please stand up?

Will the real Royal Family please stand up?

The world watched as three-month-old baby George was carried into the Royal Chapel by his dad, William, to prepare for Wednesday's christening ceremony. Little George is calm and sedate...a lot more sedate than he is in newly released photos popping up around the internet.

There is Prince George spitting up as his picture is taken. There are William and Kate, having quite the time changing his diaper. Finally, there is the Royal Family covered in suds in the tub...wait, what?

The photographs really make you take a second look or even a third.

"I have about five or six Prince Georges," says Alison Jackson.

Jackson is known for her celebrity look-alike photographs. She has an entire list of people just waiting for the chance to pose as their famous alter-egos. She says it is not about the Royal Family, it is about us and our obsession with being famous.

The photographer has been doing look-alike photo sessions for over a decade now. Of course, the Royal Family will not comment on the photos publicly but Jackson hopes the couple will simply find them amusing.

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