Longview Councilwoman Refuses To Resign

A Longview city council member is refusing to step down in spite of calls from the community. Last night a group of black ministers and community leaders called for Longview mayor pro-tem Karen Hailey to resign. Today Hailey answered that with a resounding no.

"After reading the paper this morning and seeing that they have asked for my resignation I'll stand firm that I will not resign, resigning is not going to help this at all... That is not going to serve my district" Hailey said.

Leaving those who called for her resignation relatively unsurprised.

"We're going to be meeting next week to discuss further strategy, and we stand behind the decision we made yesterday" says meeting spokesman Danny Craig.

Today, KLTV received two e-mails from members of Karen Hailey's family. Both are from brothers of Karen Hailey's husband.  Danny Hailey and his family sent us this... "we are extremely embarrassed and offended.... We agree with community leaders, there is no place in government, society or the hearts of men and women, for this type of behavior or attitude."

Kenneth Hailey had this to say... "...my family and I do not support or condone the actions of Karen Hailey... We would like to see Karen Hailey resign from the city council of Longview. Karen discounts them as estranged family.

"I'm not going to worry about family , family is, they have problems dealing with people in politics" says Hailey.

Hailey continues to say her words were taken out of context and contends that some e-mails were doctored. She also says she's received support through phone calls from her district. Regardless, Hailey remains firm on her position. "I'm going to tell them no, I'm not going to resign" she says.

Bob Hallmark reporting.