Better East Texas: Affordable Healthcare Act website flops

Better East Texas: Affordable Healthcare Act website flops

(KLTV) - The Affordable Healthcare Act survived the Ted Cruz Senate speech, it survived the government shutdown but it looks like it is barely breathing because of the failure of the official website that serves as the clearinghouse for people looking to purchase the government mandated health insurance.

The website went live on October 1 and has been plagued with a set of problems that, now more than 3 weeks later, can't be fixed. The site also reportedly failed a functionality test before it went live so many of these problems have been known for closer to a month.

The tragedy in all this is that millions of people can't get signed up for a government program that the government is mandating they sign up for. The website should have been a sterling example of technology in action given the price tag of more than $400 million. That's correct; our government has spent for than $400 million on a website.

I would call it a cyber-stimulus for those companies that were hired to develop the website, as $400 million should have gone a long way, but not far enough as even more IT specialists are being brought in to fix the site. You have to hope it is not a sign of things to come as Obamacare has left the gates with a thud instead of a click.

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