Better East Texas: Social media reveals fighting and bullying in schools

Better East Texas: Social media reveals fighting and bullying in schools

(KLTV) - We aired a story recently about a fist fight among students at a local high school. The cell phone video of the fight was posted on-line. We were criticized for airing the story because we learned about it on social media. Another viewer pointed out that it must have been a slow news day - you get the point.

I hate that our schools have challenges like fights on campus. Fights have been there since we have had schools, but what is different now is that nothing is settled in a fist fight. That may have been the case in years past but now, fights rarely settle anything. They are only the precursor to a more violent exchange.

Also, we are all alarmed by the increase in bullying at schools. Some students who have been the targets of bullying have committed suicide. Others have fought back with weapons, even violent attacks on school campuses. As a parent don't you want to know what your kids aren't telling you, or showing you? Don't we need to use social media as a preventative tool instead of discovering bullying tactics, threats and cries for help after something has happened?

Now, as with any news organization, we do a large number of good stories on schools. We love doing good newsworthy stories, but we cannot show only the content that flatters while ignoring harsh realities. That is what you expect from a responsible news organization. Learning the facts about these incidents gives us all the opportunity to improve our schools, and our community. For the sake of our children we must improve.

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