Debate Reaction

Carl Foster and Dustin Porter have never met before. But they do have one thing in common. Military service. Carl served in the army in 1957 and his son and daughter-in-law are serving right now.

Dustin served in the US Navy for six years and in the reserves for two. He got called to service during the war and was based in Guam. Both consider foreign policy and homeland security important issues that effect them directly. As they listened to President Bush and Senator Kerry debate last night though, they had very different opinions.

"I think they both had some good ideas and President Bush talked on what he was doing now and the Senator talked on his new plan and I am not sure if something new is working right now," said Carl.

"I think we are doing it the right way and we need to continue with the steadfast work just the way the president said we need to continue when it comes to Iraq," said Dustin.

Both agreed we shouldn't leave until the job is done.

"I think they need to be convinced that we don't want to stay there and we want to get things done and get our kids and loved ones are back home," said Carl.

"If we give up and come home then there won't be anything worth coming home too because we are just going to open ourselves up to people who think we are weak," said Dustin.

Neither liked Senator Kerry's ideas of leading with strong alliances. Both felt being on the offensive like President Bush suggested was a better option. Both said it seemed like Senator Kerry flip flopped on issues. But both had different opinions on who won and who they would rather have as commander-in-chief.

"I like Senator Kerry. I liked his ideas better," said Carl.

"President Bush. Absolutely," said Dustin.