New Evidence In Mysteriously Dying Dogs

P.J. Is the lone survivor of what neighborhood residents believe is a repeat case of dog poisoning that happened about five years ago.

One man's other dog wasn't so lucky. He died after suffering seizures and is now buried in his backyard.

"It was heartbreaking," Larry Jerger, the dogs' owner, said. "I was mad. You couldn't control me 'cause little dogs, they never did nothing."

Jerger and neighbors suspect someone is deliberately killing the dogs, several of them.

He says he found an empty hot dog package lying in a ditch across the street, where a few other dogs were found dead. He believes it contained poison-filled hot dogs to lure neighborhood pets. Jerger has submitted the package to investigators.

Meanwhile, the veterinarian who saved P.J. declined to talk on camera, but told investigators the poisonous substance was likely an insecticide called permethrin.

That information scares other dog owners down the street.

"It would be kind of sad to have your dogs die like that," Cory Starnes, a dog owner, said.

Three of Cody Gowan's dogs died over the past week, apparently from a similar cause.

"I walked outside and called his name," Gowan said. "And he just, he looked at me and started coughing up blood, shaking. It was sad. It was real sad. I didn't go to school the next day."

So for now, most people are keeping their dogs inside or keeping an eye on them outside.

Investigators say they don't have any suspects at this time. They say all the dogs that died this past week live within blocks of each other in the same neighborhood.

Julie Tam, reporting.