Polls Suggest Kerry Won

President Bush is campaigning in Pennsylvania today, fresh off his first debate with his rival Senator John Kerry. In Miami last night, President Bush told supporters he enjoyed the debate.

Meanwhile Senator Kerry is still in Florida. While there, he'll hold two rallies to build on his debate momentum.

Following last night's debate, polls suggest President Bush has some work to do before his next meeting with Senator John Kerry. Among ABC News' random sample of registered voters, 45 percent called Senator Kerry the winner; 36 percent felt President Bush won, while 17 percent called it a tie. Other polls also show the debate did not immediately change many minds.

Debate watchers' support for each candidate before and after remained pretty much the same, confirming the axiom that debates tend to reinforce rather than change perceptions. During the debate, the two men clashed over the war on terror, homeland security and other foreign policy issues. They got their best lines in over the war in Iraq.

The next major showdown will be between Vice-president Dick Cheney and Senator John Edwards who will debate on Tuesday in Cleveland. Meanwhile, President Bush and Senator Kerry will continue to campaign and prepare for a town hall meeting debate on domestic issues a week from today in Missouri.