Local Reaction To Presidential Debate

Two East Texans watched tonight's debate with a much different perspective than most. Each said they will be directly effected by the foreign policy decisions the next president makes. Here are their thoughts on tonight's debate:

Carl Foster who's son David has served overseas said, "I think both had good ideas. President Bush talked about what he is doing and Senator Kerry talked about his new plan. I am not sure if what we're doing is working and it may be time for something new."

Dustin Porter, who served in the U.S. Navy in Guam, said, "I have many friends who are still serving in Iraq and they want to come home, but they know if they do not continue to fight over there they may not have a home to come home to."

When asked who the men felt won the debate tonight, Mr. Foster whose son and daughter-in-law are still serving in the army, said Senator Kerry won. Dustin Porter, who served in the Navy, said President Bush won.

The next debate is set a week from tomorrow at Washington University in St. Louis.