Freedom Fighters: E. L. Locke

E. L. Locke has spent 20 years serving his country during four tours of duty and three wars. Locke was only 18 and just out of Crossroads High School when he joined the army in 1945, as WWII was winding down. During the Korean war, Locke was stationed in Saudi Arabia. Although Locke had expected to be in the thick of battle during WWII and Korea, it was during the Vietnam war that time and war finally came together in his life. Locke was stationed at an air base near the north Vietnamese border. As a jet engine technician, his job was to keep America's bombers and fighter planes in the air. And Locke did indeed "keep 'em flying," in spite of constant danger of attack.

These days, it's not planes that E. L. Locke keeps flying, it's flags. As a member of the district 30 color guard, Locke serves in the guard at funerals and patriotic events. He says he does it as a tribute to fallen veterans who have fought to preserve our freedom.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.