John Tyler and Other Schools Fail To Meet Federal Education Standards

John Tyler High School has failed to meet federal No Child Left Behind standards for the second year in a row.  As a result, the school has been placed on the federal "Needs Improvement" List.
  According to the Texas Education Agency the school did not achieve federal performance standards in test taking for special education students and students limited in English.  Since the school was placed on the "Needs Improvement" list, John Tyler parents could have the option to transfer their children to another district school, in this case, Robert E. Lee.
  Letters could go home with John Tyler students as early as Friday, explaining the transfer option. However, Thursday afternoon that was still up in the air.  TISD remains under the jurisdiction of a federal desegregation court order. The order governs student transfer procedures.
  The districts' attorneys are trying to decide which order takes precedence.
  "Our school attorney said that before we send out notices of this transfer option, we need to make sure this is allowable related to our federal desegregation order." said TISD Superintendent Dr. David Simmons. "So, I hope our parents will be patient with us."
  If No Child Left Behind is determined "appropriate to enforce," transfer letters will be sent to parents.  In addition to John Tyler, some other East Texas schools have not met federal improvment standards.
  Jacksonville High School, Azleway Charter School in Tyler and Compass Center, an alternative school in Jacksonville, also did not meet federal standards.  Those schools could also have to send home letters notifying parents of the transfer option.

Maya Golden reporting,