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'Miracle baby' turns six months old, growing stronger


“Miracle” baby Ella Sheridan of Gladewater turned six months old this week, a feat doctors predicted never possible.

Ella’s mother Samantha Sheridan was told before the birth that she had two options: terminating the pregnancy or begin planning Ella’s funeral after she was born.

“It's a lot more than I ever imagined,” Sheridan said. “Best case scenario, I thought, 'ok, she may have some physical disabilities, maybe some mental.' I didn't even think we would have things to overcome, but she's overcoming things that are holding her back now.”

But Sheridan continued the pregnancy and said it’s a decision she’s glad she made.

“Just to be told to be thankful for every minute and every second if you get to that opportunity, I look back and now we're advancing,” Sheridan said. “She’s sitting up. She’s crawling. Still I go back to the doctors and it's a little humbling to know that we are very blessed to have her .”

Today, Ella looks and acts just like any other baby.

“She sleeps all night and she's just happy, talking, and playing with sister all day,” Sheridan said.

Right now she is “catching up,” as her mom calls it, with weekly therapy classes and a higher calorie eating regime.

“We do our floor time and therapy work to build up some strength because she spent so much time in the hospital,” Ella’s mom said.

The only reminder of the “boo-boos” that were once on her head—a couple of small scars.

“She's moving around a lot more,” Sheridan said. “She's talking a lot more. She's ready to go.”

An all-smiles baby that continues to grow and thrive every day.

Doctors tell the family that it is still too early to tell what impact the surgeries to remove the protruding parts of Baby Ella’s brain will have on her long-term mentally. But right now, they said she is a perfectly healthy and happy baby.

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