Gift of Love: Randy

Gift of Love: Randy

9 year old Randy loves the outdoors.

"Ride horses, fishing, a bunch of stuff," Randy said.

So he was right at home casting his line in this fishing hole at the Rose of Sharon Ranch.
Randy loves to have fun and really loves to be outside hunting, or fishing, or just riding his bike.  This third grader says he'd even like to work with horses when he's older.

As for his favorite foods, a slice of pie is on Randy's list.

"All the pizzas except for the hot pizzas," Randy said.

Randy is diagnosed with ADHD.  He can also be a little talkative.  A family that will be best for Randy is one that is very patient and adheres strongly to established discipline.  Randy says he really wants to be an only child.

"Mom and dad only," Randy said.

A family that has experience in caring for children who have been through intense abuse and neglect will be the best for Randy.

As for three things randy can't live without, "riding horse, going fishing and eating pizza," Randy said.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

But most importantly, Randy says he wants and needs a family to show him the Gift of Love.