Better East Texas: List of top toll violators released

Better East Texas: List of top toll violators released

(KLTV) - A new Texas law is aimed at curbing the violation of not paying tolls on Toll Road 49 in the Tyler area.

The law allows the Texas Department Of Transportation to release the names of toll violators on the toll roads across the state. On Toll 49 and on other toll roads across the state, some 28,000 vehicles have more than 100 unpaid tolls each. The top 10 violators have amassed several hundred thousand dollars between them and it is past time for them to pay.

It is a sad example that some of our neighbors choose to violate the law and with this new provision of going public with their names, they have to pay up or face additional penalties and fines. The toll roads across the state would not have been built if it were not for the toll system. Now there are many critics of the system and the actual ownership of the toll roads but if you really are opposed to them, don't use them.

In this case, it looks like thousands of East Texans like Toll 49, they just don't want to pay for it. We have a link to the list of violators on our website, I am certain we will be surprised by some of the names who thought they would forever be anonymous and beat the system, but the system catches up most of the time. Hopefully this type of public embarrassment will work to reduce this abuse and make for a Better East Texas.

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