Better East Texas: Computer glitch leads to abuse of food stamp system

Better East Texas: Computer glitch leads to abuse of food stamp system

(KLTV) - Too bad for Walmart, as it appears that the nation's largest retailer will be stuck with the bill generated by abusers of a failed government assistance program.

A failed test of the computer network that regulates the food stamp system caused carriers of the electronic benefits card to be able to purchase food and other products with no limit on their account, essentially triggering an illegal shopping spree. Emergency procedures should be in place when something like this happens that create $50 limits on transactions but it didn't happen and shoppers, also known as thieves, at several Walmarts in Louisiana took advantage of the computer glitch.

People were lined up with up to eight shopping carts full of food and, in many cases, the purchases were allowed and the products left the store. The glitch was eventually fixed, but the Walmarts were cleaned out.

I truly hope that authorities prosecute those that knowingly took advantage of this error. It is a massive cheating of the system, actually it is robbery and those that participated need to pay. It is another chapter of evidence that some people would rather live off the government for years, cheating whenever they can, rather than try to do the right thing and improve their economic situation by following the rules. It was a classless action that needs a very public justice system response.

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