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Parents – are you teaching your children to be bullies?

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Experts say parents play a huge role in whether or not a child becomes a bully. Toledo Public Schools held a forum Tuesday to discuss the topic.

The forum was geared toward parents and how parenting styles can play a role in bullying. They discussed causes and consequences of bullying, and how to prevent and intervene in bullying situations.

Dr. Lisa Kovach is an educational psychology professor at the University of Toledo, and she says there are two types of parenting styles that can lead to children becoming bullies. One is the permissive parent.

"A parent who might be their child's best friend," Kovach explained. "[You] may think that that lends itself to having a great, open-minded child when instead, if you're excusing all of their transgressions every time they get in trouble, they really never take ownership of what they do."

The other is the ultra-strict parent.

"If you model that sort of controlling behavior, your kids want to control others sometimes, because they feel powerless at home," Kovach said.

She says the best thing parents can do is be democratic – have rules, and explain why the rules are in place and important to follow. She also says part of a parent's explanation should include that they're enforcing the rules because they care about their child and want to see them succeed.

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